Potassium iodide, as an ingredient in DPD reagents, has recently been classified by the manufacturers as harmful to the thyroid gland “by prolonged and repeated exposure” (ingestion). The European Chemicals Agency ECHA has carried out a corresponding reclassification. As a result, new rules with sales restrictions and hazard labels now also apply to DPD No.3 and DPD No.4 reagents that have a certain content of potassium iodide. We have reacted rapidly to this development – with the new Evo formula. 

Where Evo is written on it, you get the “all-round carefree package” for your pool from us. The potassium iodide content is significantly reduced and possible health hazards are thus excluded. In addition, there are no sales restrictions and hazard labels: DPD No.3 Evo and DPD No.4 Evo can also be purchased online without any restrictions, as can Rapid variants DPD No.3 Rapid Evo and DPD No.4 Rapid Evo.


Order no.

DPD No.3 Evo

100 pcs.


250 pcs.


500 pcs.


DPD No.4 Evo

100 pcs.


250 pcs.


500 pcs.



Reagent Order no.
DPD No.3 RAPID 100 pcs. 123100-GPT  250 pcs. 123250-GPT  500 pcs. 123500-GPT 
DPD No.4 RAPID  100 pcs. 124100-GPT  250 pcs. 124250-GPT  500 pcs.  124500-GPT