GoPool Tester

The GoPool testers are available in different variations, e. g. chlorine pH and active oxygen pH. The Kits are designed for checking the water quality in private pools and spas.

The measurement of the water sample is carried out by addition of reagent tablets which produce a characteristic colour. The user visually compares the colour of the water sample with the specific scale in order to read the corresponding value. The determination is made with high detection accuracy.

The production of the GoPool Testers is subject to constant control according to the Quality Management System ISO 9001. Both GoPool Testers offer an outstanding price / performance ratio.

Go Pool Tester Chlor/pH Chlor

Order No. Product
Rapid Tests
 800-GPT GoPool Tester chlorine/pH
Chlorine 0,1 – 3,0 mg/l
pH-value 6,8 – 8,2






Order No. Product
 900-GPT GoPool Tester active oxygen/pH
Active oxygen 0 – 10,0 mg/l O2
pH-value 6,8 – 8,2
Packing unit 20 pieces in cardboard box

Each GoPool Tester is ready to use and will be delivered in plastic box, with 20 tablets DPD No.1 or DPD No. 4 phenol red tablets, manual

All colour standards are produced in Germany in accordance to the ISO 9001 standard.








Order No. Product
Refill packs for GoPool Tester
 141960-GPT Refill pack with 30 tablets DPD No.1 Rapid, Phenol Red Rapid
Box with perforation corresponding to european standards
 144960-GPT Refill pack each with 30 tablets DPD No.4 Rapid, Phenol Red Rapid Box with perforation corresponding to european standards
Packing unit 20 pieces in display box
GoPool Test DPD-tablets contain the full buffering capacity and correspond to the principles of ISO EN 7393-2.







Order No. Product
Refill packs Rapid tablets (fast soluble)
121500-GPT 500 DPD No.1 Rapid tablets for free chlorine
123500-GPT 500 DPD No.3 Rapid tablets for combined chlorine
(in combination with DPD No.1 Rapid)
 124500-GPT 500 DPD No.4 Rapid tablets for active oxygen
 129500-GPT  500 Phenol red Rapid tablets for pH-value
GoPool Test tablets are guaranteed free from boric acid and have a durabilty of 5 to 10 years.
Gesamthärte Test Kit
Order No. Product
Water hardness test with liquid reagents
Hardness test kit corresponding to the principle of titration.  
A reagent is added drop by drop to a sample until the colour changes. The number of needed drops determines the water hardness. Each drop corresponds to 1 °dH in 5 ml test volume (or 0,5 °dH in 10 ml). Pack with 15 ml reagent for about 25 tests.
418411-GPT Total hardness Test Kit
418413-GPT Total alkalinity Test Kit
212050 Phosphate Test Kit
Range 0 -1.000 μg/l
corresponds 0 -1,0 mg/l
PO4 for 30 measurements