Photometer MD 110, with Bluetooth®-Technology

The photometers distributed by GoPoolTest base on decades of experience. Criteria such as Made in Germany matter as well as continuous quality control according to ISO 9001.

Photometers are designed for the control of hygiene parameters and monitoring water quality in public pools and spas. In consequence the gadgets correspond to national and international specifications as DIN 19 643 in Germany, the so called “Bäderhygieneverordnung” in Austria (BHygV) and, e. g. SIA-Norm 385/1, in Switzerland.

Tests are made with interference filters and light emitting diodes as a light source. Exact measurement results are guaranteed. Easy to use, ergonomic design and compact dimensions are criteria for the development of this systems.

The memory function with 125 data sets captures records automatically considering time, date, detection method and measurement results.

The photometric principle
When specific reagents are added, the water sample colours more or less intensive in dependence of the concentration of ingredient that has to be determined. This intensity of colour is measured up photometric. When the light beam passes through the coloured sample, it causes an extinction of the light. The optics of the photometer puts in relation the light that passes the coloured sample (transmission). The processor calculates the result for example in mg/l chlorine and indicates it in the display.

Order No. Product
Photometer MD 110, with Bluetooth®-Technology
Photometer for the determination of free, combined and total chlorine, pH-value and cyanuric acid
2980102 MD 110
0,01 – 6,0 mg/l chlorine
6,5 – 8,4 pH
0 – 160 CyA
Ready for use in carrying case, each 100 DPD No.1-, DPD No.3-, Phenol Red-, CyA-tablets, 3 cells, accessories and manual.

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Order No. Product Unit
Reference standards
Reference standards are used for check the accuracy and reproducibility of measurement results.
1 Piece
281010 Reference-standard-Kit chlorine 0,2 – 1,0 mg/l 1 Piece
281020 Reference-standard-Kit chlorine 1,0 – 4,0 mg/l 1 Piece
285010 Round vials with lid, 10 ml, ø 24 mm, set with 12 pieces 1 Piece
2980005 Measuring jug, 100 ml 1 Piece
291004 Plastic stirring rod, 10 cm length 1 Piece
29800015 Brush, 11 cm length 1 Piece
29800020 Water sampler with 500 ml bottle and lid 1 Piece
29800025 Vial stand for 6 round vialsø 24 mm 1 Piece
8900010 Set BT Data Transfer Software and Bluetooth Dongle 1 Piece

The Bluetooth® word mark is a registered trademark owned by Bluetooth SIG, Inc. and any use by Lovibond® Tintometer GmbH is under license. IOS® is a registered trademark of Cisco, Inc. and licensed to Apple, Inc. Android™ is a trademark of Google, Inc. Bluetooth® is a wireless technology subject to regional approval. The use of the MD 110 with Bluetooth® is currently only permitted within Europe, the USA, Japan and in Canada. The use of the MD 110 will also be possible in other regions in the future. For current regions and further information, visit: Regions in which the MD 110 with Bluetooth® can currently be used (status: 01/2019): within Europe (according R&TTE Directive 1999/5/ EC) ; USA (according to FCC part 15, comprised in FCC ID QOQBLE113) ; Canada (comprised in IC 5123A-BGTBLE113); Japan (comprised CAB ID 007-ABO103)