GoPool Speed Test Kits

Speed test

The speed test is based on reverse titration. After adding a reagent tablet to a calibrated test tube, the water sample is added until the colour of the solution changes, for example from red to blue. The user can obtain the result from the liquid level. This method is used vor determination of alkalinity, calcium hardness, total hardness and acid capacity.

Turbidity method (cyanuric acid)

A two-section calibrated test tube is filled with the water sample and a reagent tablet ist added. The tablet creates a level of turbidity that is proportional to the concentration of cyanic acid. The inner tube, which has a black dot on its base, is lowered until the dot is obscured by turbidity. The result is read off from the water level in the inner tube.

Order No. Product
GoPool Speed Test Kits
212000 Calcium hardness 20 – 800 mg/l CaCOcomplete including 100 tablets
212020 Total hardness 20 – 800 mg/l CaCOcomplete including 100 tablets
212030 Acid capacity / Alkalinity-M complete including 100 tablets
212040 Cyanuric acid 20 – 200 mg/l complete including 100 tablets


Order No. Product
Refill packs for Speed Test
213010 Refill pack alkalinity-M / acid capacity 100 tablets ALK TEST
213000 Refill pack for calcium hardness 100 tablets CAL TEST
213020 Refill pack for total hardness 100 tablets T HARDNESS TEST
213040 Refill pack for cyanic acid 100 tablets CyA-Test-tablets